Mediation in Jacksonville, FL

Resolve your divorce with a Florida State Supreme Court certified mediator

Over the years, Fletcher & Phillips’ attorneys have seen the myriad Family Law situations possible—and the one thing we’ve learned from our experience is that there’s always a solution when the parties are willing to find one.

We assist you in negotiating beyond hard feelings, financial fears and fears regarding shared child-rearing.  We help both husband and wife see future consequences of current actions and of the settlement agreement as it’s being drafted and before it is signed.  We can also do this for former husband and former wife, grandparents or other parties, if this is a modification or renegotiation.
Attorney Lyman T. Fletcher was Board Certified in Marital and Family Law by the Florida Bar for 30 years from June 1986 through May 2016. He was a Certified Family Law Mediator from 1989 to 2015.
If your case needs the benefits of a Trial, we are protective, aggressive representatives in court, but at Fletcher & Phillips, we consider litigation a last resort.

Learn a little bit about what Florida mediation can do—you’ll probably feel the same way we do.

Why Family Law mediation might be right for you

  • You save money.  Trials are expensive, even under the best of circumstances.  Mediation involves very far less expense, because we are working toward an agreement together, instead of trying to prove any number of facts for a judge.
  • You save time.
  • The mediation process is geared toward steering all those involved toward a solution supportive of all the parties.  It avoids repeated requests for information, motions for contempt, pre-trial hearings, etc.
  • You maintain privacy.  Court records are public records.  With mediation, the only public record is usually the final document.
  • You level the playing field.  The court can sometimes reward aggressive tactics.  Mediation specifically does not reward aggressive tactics, if you don’t agree, the case will go to Trial.
  • You control the outcomes.  In court, the judge can decide crucial child-visitation or alimony matters for you.  In mediation, you hold the power to shape your life after divorce.
  • There tends to be less animosity.  When people work together with the aid of an experienced certified family law mediator, all decisions are made with an eye to emotional as well as financial support of the couple as well any dependants involved.  There is no one encouraging greed or selfishness.
  • You are less likely to experience breaches of agreement.  Since the parties determine the outcomes, they are both more likely to comply with the agreement.

If you can see where Family Law mediation is right for you—or if you have more questions about the process—please contact our offices.

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