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Trying to find a successful resolution when it comes to child custody is rarely straight-forward. Even if custody arrangements are made, as the child grows older, they may often need to be revisited. If you suspect that a child custody dispute is likely to arise, or has already developed, the sooner you engage appropriate legal counsel, the sooner they can begin working on your case to bring about a speedy resolution. We provide an experienced child custody lawyer

Are You Struggling with Parental Responsibility Matters?

Florida Child Custody, Timesharing and Parental Responsibility BannerParental responsibility is just one of the contentious issues which can occur as part of a child custody case. As seasoned legal professionals, we are able to offer not only information and guidance on the legal process and the options which are open to our clients, but also provide the support and assistance needed to make the process as stress free and straight-forward as possible.

Mediation Could Help When It Comes to Timesharing

Although it can be tempting to go down the adversarial court route, in many circumstances mediation offers a more cost-effective way of resolving a custody situation. Our legal team is able to represent you effectively during mediation, making sure that any agreement that’s reached with the other party is in line with our client’s interests. We recognize the damage that parental adversity can cause children when parents divorce and will work diligently to try and achieve a solution that’s as amicable as possible under the circumstances.

Jacksonville and Duval, FL Child Custody Attorney Available Now

If you’re affected by a child custody matter or a related issue, we can help. Our seasoned team has plenty of experience in matters where parental responsibility, access or maintenance issues are contentious. Our aim is always to get the very best outcome for our client and their dependents and we will work determinedly towards this goal. To find out more about what we can offer or to discuss your circumstances with us in more detail, call us at (904) 353-8255.

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