Legal Assistance with Child Support Covering Duval, St Johns and Jacksonville, FL

One of the most contentious issues arising from divorce is frequently child support. Not only is there often considerable acrimony when it comes to setting an appropriate amount, it’s also something that is likely to change over time; as children grow older they may have additional financial requirements, one of the parties may remarry or other life events could mean the matter has to be revisited. In all these circumstances, a seasoned legal adviser can be of great benefit.

Child Support Lawyer with Plenty of Experience

We have undertaken a variety of different child support matters in the past and understand how difficult and emotionally draining these proceedings can be for our clients. To assist in minimizing the impact of child support litigation, we make sure our clients understand the implications of each stage of the court process and do our best to keep the case running as smoothly as possible. Whether you’re at the beginning of the child support process or are already a long way on a difficult journey with the issue, we can provide supportive, seasoned legal counsel.

Child Support Attorney That Can Attend During Mediation

Although some clients want their “day in court”, taking an aggressive, litigious approach to child support matters can sometimes mean that the case drags on for longer than it needs to, increasing the associated costs. As an alternative, many of our clients choose to attend mediation, which aims to achieve a mutually satisfactory agreement between parties without the need to resort to costly legal battles. We are able to attend mediation with our clients if required, ensuring their interests are represented.

Jacksonville, Duval, FL and St. Johns, FL Child Support Attorney Available Now

We are family law specialists that can assist with child support, maintenance, division of property and a variety of other matters that arise from the divorce process. Our aim is to achieve a satisfactory outcome for every client at the same time as offering a sympathetic, courteous and professional service that facilitates stress-free resolution of the matter under consideration. To find out more about our services or book a consultation, call us at (904) 353-7733.

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