Sympathetic Divorce Lawyers Serving Jacksonville and Duval, FL

Whether you are just beginning divorce proceedings, or are already part way through the process but are struggling to achieve a successful outcome, our divorce lawyers are on hand to offer legal advice and support throughout the divorce proceedings. We have considerable experience in working with clients throughout their divorce and are committed to doing everything we can to maximize the chances of them getting the outcome they’re looking for.

Divorce Attorney that Offers a Range of Options

Particularly when feelings are running high, tough litigation can often seem to be the most satisfying course of action. Unfortunately, if divorce settlements are fought out in court, rather than being agreed on beforehand, then the process can become much more drawn out and expensive. In addition to providing legal representation at every stage of divorce proceedings, we are also able to accompany our clients to mediation, helping to ensure their interests are appropriately represented if they choose to use this route towards achieving a divorce settlement.

Divorce Lawyers that Understand Your Situation

We know that no one gets married with the intention of getting divorced. Almost inevitably, clients feel frustrated, upset and stressed by a divorce, even if the decision is a mutual one between both parties. Our legal team offers support and empathy as well as seasoned legal counsel; we explain everything to you as you progress through the divorce proceedings, doing our best to make sure that you’re prepared for whatever lies ahead.

Book a Consultation with a Duval or Jacksonville, FL Divorce Attorney

The more information you have regarding the divorce process and your options, the easier it is for you to make the decisions which are right for your individual circumstances. We are a well-established legal firm that provides counsel on a range of divorce matters, giving our clients the assistance they need to get through the divorce as unscathed as possible. To find out more about how we can help or schedule a consultation, call us at (904) 353-7733.

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