Florida Divorce Attorneys: SENATE BILL 668 vs. SENATE BILL 250

The following is the final part of a 4 part series from Fletcher and Phillips, Florida Timesharing and Child Custody Attorneys:

  1. Is Fifty-Fifty Timesharing about to be the Norm in Florida?
  4. Florida Divorce Attorneys: SENATE BILL 668 vs. SENATE BILL 250

Both bills assert that approximate fifty-fifty timesharing is in the best interest of the children. However, not all families can abide by a fifty-fifty timesharing arrangement. Therefore, the Senate seems to be seeking a way for parents to strive for an almost equal division of time, while making considerations for those children who will not benefit from this schedule.

Fletcher and Phillips staff below logo.One of the biggest differences between these bills is the requirement for detailed written findings by the Court. Under Senate Bill 250, in order to deviate from approximate fifty-fifty timesharing, a Judge must make written findings of fact if any other schedule besides approximate equal timesharing is ordered. However, under Senate Bill 668, the Court only has to make written findings if the parenting plan is not based on an agreement between the parties. Senate Bill 668 lends itself to more judicial discretion and also give the parents greater autonomy over child rearing.

Although it is not mentioned in either bill, one consequence to an almost equal timesharing schedule is the affect it would have on child support payments.

There are four main factors that contribute to child support calculations:

(1) the income of the parties,

(2) which party pays for health insurance for the children,

(3) which party pays for day care for the children, and

(4) overnights.

The general rule of thumb is that the more overnights a parent enjoys with his or her children, then less child support he or she pays to the other parent.

If you believe the passage of either Senate Bill 250 or Senate Bill 668 will affect you or your children, please contact an experienced Family Law attorney at Fletcher and Phillips at 904-353-7733 to schedule an in person or telephonic consultation.

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