Fletcher & Phillips | Divorce Attorneys, Jacksonville

Fletcher & Phillips offers assistance to families who seek a balanced resolution to their divorce issues. We understand that there are many aspects of divorcing in Florida that may produce anxiety, confusion, or anger, but we work hard to find solutions that let you remain as calm and confident as possible.

About the Divorce Process

Each divorce is unique, but when you know a little bit about what to expect, you are more likely to get more from your time with us and settle your divorce with as little acrimony as possible. If your are dreading a lot of emotional arguing, let us help.

The divorce process can very in length considerably from a month to several years. It depends on how many details have already been agreed to, whether there are children or a shared business involved, how much property must be divided, etc. and how readily the parties are to agree on these points. We recommend you contact us and set up an initial office conference. This is where the Fletcher and Phillips attorneys get an overview of the case at hand, advises you of your options and determines the initial fee retainer amount.

Your Divorce Lawyers

Every situation is unique and no one can guarantee an outcome in court, but the law is designed to accommodate changes in status as in alimony cases, child custody and parenting plan cases, and child support issues . It is our standard procedure to evaluate the present situation against the foreseeable future.

We deal with all levels of complexity regarding property division and business interests issues. If handled properly, this division of assets and liabilities does not have to destroy your financial future.

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